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How To Create A Personal Area Network Using Bluetooth

Bluetooth is an exciting technology made popular by mobile phones. However, Bluetooth capabilities have extended beyond phone-to-phone and phone-to-PC connectivity since we can easily use it for creating a wireless Personal Area Network (PAN) between two PCs. This can be of great help at homes where there is more than one computer - say, a desktop and laptop - where the entire hard disks and even printers can be shared.

The connectivity works much like Local Area Network with only one difference: here, instead of a network card and cable, its Bluetooth adapter is used for communication

This guide will talk through PAN creation using a laptop with a built-in Bluetooth adapter and a desktop PC with the USB-based Bluetooth device (often called a dongle) - both running Windows XP.

Install Bluetooth driver on desktop PC using the CD provided with the dongle case. Bluetooth icon appears in the System Tray firewall software. Click on this icon, select Open Bluetooth Settings, go to Options tab and check on -Turn discovery on' in Discovery section. In the same dialogue box, put a check on -Allow Bluetooth devices to connect to this computer' and -Alert me when a new Bluetooth device wants to connect' under -Connections' section. Note that these settings are saved only when dongle is attached with the desktop PC.

Right-click on a folder which is to be shared, and select -Sharing and Security'. Now, Properties dialogue box will open, select the Sharing tab. In the section -Network sharing and security', the user will be notified that as a security measure, remote access to this computer is disabled. User can use the link Network Setup Wizard. Below this link, there is another link with the option to -share files without running the wizard'. Click on this link. The -Enable File Sharing' dialogue box will appear with a security warning. Change the default selection which is -Wizard mode' to -Just enable file sharing' and press OK. At this point, -Share this folder on the network' option will appear in the Properties dialogue box. Put a check on this box and note that Share Name is automatically set to the folder name. Do not change it and press OK. Perform the same procedure to enable sharing on the laptop. In some computers, the check box -Share this folder on the network' will appear automatically if the computer has been on a network before.

By default, Guest account is kept disabled and needs to be enabled for PAN access in this case. Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Local Users and Groups > Users. This shows the list of users. Right-click on Guest and select Properties. Un-check -Account is disabled,' and press OK. Again, right-click on Guest and select Set Password. Press Proceed, and without typing anything in New Password and Confirm Password fields, press OK. A message box -The password has been set' will be displayed. Press OK.

It is not necessary to enable Guest account for PAN since it is being used only for simplicity. Any other account can be used for remote access as well, since it is enabled and its proper authentication and access information is configured.

Make sure that file sharing and guest account settings as shown above are performed on both desktop and laptop. Now from the desktop PC, go to Start > Settings > Network Connections and select Bluetooth Network Connection under Personal Area Network. Check -My device is searchable' (this refers to the fact that the laptop has been kept as discoverable) and press Next, to search for devices. Laptop's name should appear in the list. Select it and press Next. Select -Let me choose my own passkey' option and enter 0000 and wait for laptop to display a balloon in System Tray on top of Bluetooth icon asking for Bluetooth security code. Enter 0000 here as well.

The request remains valid for about 30 seconds so be quick in entering the passkey on laptop. After the passkey is entered, the desktop PC will finish the Bluetooth device wizard. Press Finish. A list of devices will appear ready for connection, so select the laptop's name from this list. A balloon will appear in laptop System Tray about connection request from desktop PC. Grant permission and notice that an icon showing two small computers appear in System Tray showing network connectivity on both the computers. At this point, right-click this icon, select Status, press Properties, and double-click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). Set IP address of desktop PC as and that of laptop as with subnet mask of both as - without this step, both the machines will keep on trying to acquire IP address and will not be able to connect to each other.

Once this is done, both the computers should display normal network icon as if they are connected over LAN. There is a lot that can be done once two computers are connected. The entire disk can be shared by right-clicking the drive letter and making it available on sharing.

After a connection is established, double-click the System Tray icon, which will reveal bytes in and out count. If there is just one way traffic, there could be a network problem. Try Ping command using command prompt to verify if IP addresses have been defined correctly. After a successful connection, Network Neighborhood should display the name of the other PC. But if double-clicking on the computer name results in error message saying you do not have privileges/access is denied, then check to see if Guest account is enabled and is not password protected and that the file sharing is turned on.

Though the PAN setup process looks like a lengthy exercise it is actually a one-time effort and it takes just a few clicks to establish a connection after this initial setup is done. Enjoy sharing!

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IPad 2 or Laptop

When Apple Inc launched the first generation iPad back in 2010, Apple CEO Steve Jobs had made it clear that the iPad was not better than a laptop, just cheaper than one. It was more than clear that Apple was not keen on eating into the laptop market by introducing the iPad - an iPhone-iPod touch crossover which facilitated a bit of computing. But curiosity did take over, and people began wondering what would be ideal for them - aniPad or a laptop.

iPad vs Laptop: The Long Pending Debate
Come 2011, the launch of second generation iPad - Apple iPad 2 made the task of choosing all the more difficult as Apple made it a point to do away with all the limitations of its first generation tablet in the new device. Even though logically it should be a tablet PC vs laptop comparison, the iPad has become more of a brand within a year of its launch, and therefore it is better of to compareiPad vs laptop, instead of tablet vs laptop. After Apple launched the successor to the original iPad - the 2nd generation iPad earlier this year, it triggered an all new iPad 2 vs laptop debate, and as always we were not able to hold ourselves back from joining it.

Which is Better - iPad 2 or Laptop
While a tablet and a laptop both happen to be portable personal computers, the two differ from each other by a significant extent; and which of the two is ideal for you will depend on what you intend to use this device for. Specifically referring to the second generation iPad, it is an advanced tablet which acts as a platform for various activities right from listening to music and watching videos to computing and Internet surfing.

With so much to offer, it isn't surprising that this device is pitted against laptops, which are also evolving very fast. But is the iPad 2 better than a laptop As a computer, not really!

The foremost drawback of the iPad 2 - when it is pitted against a laptop, is the absence of a physical keyboard business firewalls. While a virtual QWERTY keyboard does exist - along with an amazing cover which doubles up as a prop to put it in a position ideal for typing, the experience is not as smooth as that of a laptop - especially when you have a lot of typing to do. As a student you require to do projects and assignments and as a working professional you may need to prepare power point presentations. Sadly, neither of the two tasks would work fine with a virtual keyboard, even if it happens to be a QWERTY keyboard which the iPad 2 sports. The virtual keyboard in iPad 2 is ideal for typing mails, but typing lengthy texts or doing assignments and power point presentations can be pretty annoying.

firewall hardware Other than a physical keyboard, laptops also edge out the iPad 2 in terms of USB ports. While the thousands of apps available at the official App Store may give iPad 2 users a high of a sort, one can't download some of the most useful apps from the Internet and install it on this device. While the multitasking feature finally makes a debut on the iPad, the experience is far from multitasking on a laptop. Not to forget, the problem with multitasking also affects your web experience on the iPad 2. At the same time, the 256 MB RAM available with the iPad is not sufficient when it comes to surfing. The 2nd generation iPad does boast of a 10 hour battery life, but it has a built-in battery which you cannot replace like you would in a laptop.

That must have helped to determine which is ideal for you -Apple iPad 2or laptop. The second generation iPad does boast of two cameras which make FaceTime video calling possible. It does have the ability to play various audio and video files. It can also double up as an e-book reader and a gaming device. firewall hardware But all these things are also possible on the laptop, depending on which brand you opt for. In fact, Apple's very own MacBook Pro can be an ideal choice if you are to choose between the iPad and a notebook.

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Do You Need A Laptop Trace

In this Information age when laptops have become ideal tools in the academe and the business world, laptops have become more valuable, if not the most desirable equipment for thieves. Once a laptop has been stolen, all the information and even privacy can be evaded. This is why Laptop Trace becomes a non-negotiable solution that offers protection against laptop loss. Laptop theft can be seriously damaging especially to laptop owners who leave passwords and login information readily accessible on their unit. firewall hardware Company records, confidential business transactions, and finance-related data become publicly consumable by the thieves.

It is therefore very important look for a technology that can manage stolen laptops when they come online. There are ultramodern technologies available, such as Druva that can provide easy, lightweight and highly efficient solutions to prevent loss of data on stolen devices. A specific solution designed for this is SafePoint. It is an attachable component within On-Premise and Cloud inSync capable of data protection in various levels. It can decrease the overall economic effect of a lost or stolen laptop by simply replacing the device and provisioning for its use.

SafePoint can protect endpoint data through data encryption, data delete and device trace. Its encryption feature works on at least 256-bit AES therefore denying unauthorized access to all pertinent data. Moreover, either remote access or a pre-configured auto-delete policy can permit a total wipe-out of all the data stored in a stolen laptop. What it amounts to is that all encrypted data is automatically removed when a laptop is lost or stolen. Most importantly, SafePoint can help trace the exact location of the lost or stolen laptop within 10-20 meters at a point in time.

Once in place, SafePoint works together with automatic backup and restore features, making it highly sought-after. Not only does it backup data to prevent loss, it also secure data from any form of infringement. This flawless integration with Druva inSync makes setup painless with the same set of policies, and most importantly provides the serenity expected from a reliable backup laptop trace.

Go for a laptop trace that matches your needs and budget business firewalls. Ask for detailed quotes from various providers to pinpoint the top services at the most reasonable prices.

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How does a firewall work Which one is best for you

A firewall is designed to block unwanted outside traffic from reaching your computer system or network while allowing authorized traffic to pass through the firewall and reach its intended destination inside your network.

There are over 65,000 ports that are available to allow connections from the Internet to your network. Each port is like a door that allows specific traffic in and out. A firewall should by default block all ports that are not necessary to reduce the chances of an intruder gaining unauthorized access. Some ports, such as 25 (email) and 80 (web access) will have to remain open on your firewall for necessary services to work.

business firewalls 1. Packet filter: A packet filter doesnt analyze the content of each packet that attempts to access your network; it simply decides whether or not to pass the information through the firewall based on its port number and IP address. If a service tries to access any port aside from the one it is intended to use, the packet filter firewall will simply discard the message.

firewall hardware 2. Proxy firewall: A proxy firewall often disguises the actual IP address of each individual network or computer from each other. A proxy firewall can either simply provide a circuit between the client and the server, or it can read and record each individual command for auditing and accounting purposes.

3. Stateful inspection firewall: With a stateful inspection firewall each individual connection is recorded using a state table that inspects all incoming and outgoing IP addresses and port numbers. Stateful inspection firewalls are the most advanced and offer the fullest protection for your network.

It is absolutely essential that you run a firewall on your home network and keep it updated with the latest firewall rules. Most routers can be configured as packet filtering firewalls, and if possible for maximum security a stateful inspection firewall should be set up between your modem and your router.

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Is it worth to buy tablet PC

Is it worth it This is a question that is often asked by many when the next hot tech device comes out and has every consumer making a bee line to their nearest electronics store. Many are addicted to being able to keep up with the latest and greatest and don't give this question a second thought. In this economy however, many are on the opposite side of the coin and are not in a hurry to shell out the cash for the next big thing network security. However, the mobile device wave has hit and is showing no signs of slowing down, and buy tablet PC may not be a bad idea as the market lead by the IPad continues to grow. The level of convenience and productivity that these amazing devices provide may make it as necessary as the PC you keep at home. Fortunately, finding a good Tablet PC isn't too difficult if you know what to look for.

Instead of drooling over the capabilities of the myriad of devices that you come across as you shop for one, its best to analyze what your needs are for the device so that you can determine which model is best suited to your needs and at a decent price. Some of the things that are always a concern are the Screen size, memory size, processor, and operating system.

I mention operating system because there ma y be those that are loyal to one OS or the other, namely apple or android. Each has their advantages and disadvantages and many of these loyal ones develop from the smartphone market. If you're wondering what the limits are on these things then you'll be hard pressed to find a long list, Tablets do it all. The only caveat with the mobility of these devices is the issue with battery life and of course memory. It won't beat out the PC sitting on your desk at home as far as memory, but it's great for working on some files while you're out, or giving a presentation to the office, or watching movie at the beach. Mobile technology has been a major game changer not only for the normal consumer, but at the corporate as well allowing more and more workers to continue to be productive while away from their desks. So is it worth to buy a tablet PC I think so.

If you enjoy this article about MID tablet PC,you can buy them in the tablet PC stores or online. This article originate from the wholesale electronics shop-, please indicate the source if retweet, thanks very much!

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