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Do You Need A Laptop Trace

In this Information age when laptops have become ideal tools in the academe and the business world, laptops have become more valuable, if not the most desirable equipment for thieves. Once a laptop has been stolen, all the information and even privacy can be evaded. This is why Laptop Trace becomes a non-negotiable solution that offers protection against laptop loss. Laptop theft can be seriously damaging especially to laptop owners who leave passwords and login information readily accessible on their unit. firewall hardware Company records, confidential business transactions, and finance-related data become publicly consumable by the thieves.

It is therefore very important look for a technology that can manage stolen laptops when they come online. There are ultramodern technologies available, such as Druva that can provide easy, lightweight and highly efficient solutions to prevent loss of data on stolen devices. A specific solution designed for this is SafePoint. It is an attachable component within On-Premise and Cloud inSync capable of data protection in various levels. It can decrease the overall economic effect of a lost or stolen laptop by simply replacing the device and provisioning for its use.

SafePoint can protect endpoint data through data encryption, data delete and device trace. Its encryption feature works on at least 256-bit AES therefore denying unauthorized access to all pertinent data. Moreover, either remote access or a pre-configured auto-delete policy can permit a total wipe-out of all the data stored in a stolen laptop. What it amounts to is that all encrypted data is automatically removed when a laptop is lost or stolen. Most importantly, SafePoint can help trace the exact location of the lost or stolen laptop within 10-20 meters at a point in time.

Once in place, SafePoint works together with automatic backup and restore features, making it highly sought-after. Not only does it backup data to prevent loss, it also secure data from any form of infringement. This flawless integration with Druva inSync makes setup painless with the same set of policies, and most importantly provides the serenity expected from a reliable backup laptop trace.

Go for a laptop trace that matches your needs and budget business firewalls. Ask for detailed quotes from various providers to pinpoint the top services at the most reasonable prices.

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